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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I've missed you.

I have been a very busy woman this past week. Work, moving, a growing bebe bump, and a VERY active little girl.

Olivia Simone escapes the bath

Shades, Ray Ban
Bracelet, Links of London

The BUMP. Almost 13 weeks.
Shirt, Walmart. Jeans, H&M Maternity Skinnies. Scarf, my mom's vintage.

This weekend I really hope to buy our Christmas tree and get the decorations up. Well, that will be done if we can sort through all the boxes and junk. Whenever we move I want to get rid of everything and start over. I get "throw away" and "donate" happy. Moves are fresh beginnings.

Today we are off to December Nights at Balboa Park, our annual family tradition. It began when my mom was pregnant with me and still it continues. I am excited to go with Pea this year when she is actually coherent and not just a bitty babe. The holidays are officially here!

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