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Friday, December 31, 2010


2011 will be the year I give birth to my second child and also the year that I actually keep my New Year's resolutions. For the upcoming year I want to continue striving to surround myself with positivity, and with this become a better woman and mother. This date and tradition is just an excuse to resolve to do the things I need to remind myself to do every single day. I want to care for my mind, body, and spirit because in here I am creating a new life that deserves the very best version of me.

Last year we rang in 2010 with our best friends while a two month old Pea was cozy at home with my parents. I missed her that whole night, my boobs hurt because I was still breastfeeding, and I was dying to get home to see her. The year before that Todd and I kissed each other at midnight on the roof of our San Francisco apartment, toasting with a bottle of sake.

I am not sure exactly what our plans are for tonight but I know I am entering 2011 with more love and purpose than I have ever had. My baby girl will be sleeping but close to us as I kiss my handsome husband with the final addition to our little family growing and living in my belly, right under my heart. I hope you all have a wonderful night with the people you love, resolutions that are worth keeping, and the knowledge that this will be a really good year.

(Oh, and how about you have an extra glass of bubbly for me?)

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