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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today was a nice day off. Took my time reading blogs and news in my pajamas. Threw a load of laundry in the wash. Combed Olivia's new freshly cut bangs and unsuccessfully tried to get her to nap so I could shower.

I had a doctor appointment today. I am still seeing both a midwife and a doctor. My current doctor is VBAC-supportive and I like her but really, there is nothing like the therapeutic presence of an empowering midwife. The appointment was so quick, I almost feel like she was turned off by the fact that I had to bring Olivia. Whatever. I got to see my sweet #2. He/she no longer looks like a nugget, baby form it is! The bebe was moving around and that is just a sight for sore eyes.

Speaking of he/she, I am pretty sure I want to find out the sex. I want to know who is living in there. I figure that being pregnant so soon was surprise enough.

Afterward, we paid a visit to my grandparent's house and Olivia played in their garden, licking the dirt off rocks.


I wore this adorable vintage looking dress I stole from my best friend's closet. She found it at a random boutique in Ocean Beach and it is a no-name brand. I paired it with my American Apparel high waist leggings and black boots.


Tomorrow, back to the grind.

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Jess Craig said...

i support you in wanting to find out the sex. for me, it's all apart of the whole pregnancy experience! anticipating this little baby and preparing. but, if i had a boy AND a girl and got pregnant again, i think that's when i'd wait to find out the sex. because you'd pretty much know what to expect and you'd have a ton of stuff accumulated. i'm really happy and excited for you! in fact, i'm a little jealous of your pregnancy!