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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28 weeks today baby girl! And you already have so many presents!!! Your aunts are so amazing, and you are so spoiled. Books, toys, clothes, and lots of attention. Pretty sure you already have a more fashionable wardrobe for the first month of your life than I do for the next year.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Small price to pay

Now that I've caught a flu and cannot medicate myself, something has become very clear to me. It's no wonder that women are usually superior at the whole parenting thing, especially in the beginning when the mother is the child's whole universe. The role of the mother begins at conception, whether she wants it to or not. Her body gets hijacked and there's no turning back. Mentally, physically, and emotionally the female is altered once that sperm meets the egg. We sacrifice our bodies, our glasses of wine, and our personal agendas to give our spawn the best possible chance at a healthy life. Of course, the peace and love I feel makes all those things seem trivial. Having her with me all the time, rolling around and getting so strong is beyond anything else I've felt. Still, it'd be nice to see Todd with leaky boobs and a watermelon belly for a day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vitamin C

The weather in San Diego is hot and sunny, the weather in San Francisco right now is cold and gloomy. I've been in pajamas and feeling sick. I also did a little packing. It's not fun to be hot and pregnant, but look how much sunnier I was just a couple of days ago in San Diego! I really hope I don't get the flu that has been going around. Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"There's really someone in there!!!" -Todd

Wow, the way that I feel you when you move around these past two or three days has really changed. Before it was flutters and taps, with the occasional swirl or light kick. Now it really feels like a tiny body with arms and legs trying to get comfy in cramped quarters. I can feel you slide around on the other side of my skin, your kicks and shoves actually make my belly visibly move from the outside! Not only that but I can tell you are bigger because I can feel you in two different parts of my stomach at once! Let me tell you that feeling your baby move and grow inside of you is just truly incredible, it really makes me believe that science may not be the only center of every cycle of life.


Woke up SO early today and you woke up even earlier. My alarm clock this morning was a little creature moving around and demanding breakfast at around 6:00am! And since you were kind of going nuts your grandma got to feel you and she was so happy! Thanks for not hiding from everyone that wants to feel you anymore! We are at the airport waiting to catch a flight to San Francisco. Oh man, I'm tired. Oh look, Starbucks!! Have a good day, friends :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3rd Trimester

Wow. Today we begin the 27th week of pregnancy, and the beginning of the last trimester. I cannot believe that in under three months I am going to have my little pea in real life. It is unbelievable that in March you were just a tiny sea monkey, and now you are small human. We will be moving back to San Diego next week, and my nesting instinct is starting to kick in. We do not have anything for the baby other than clothes and other little things. I know there is still time but we have yet to settle and unpack in our new home, and on top of that start thinking about a crib and a diaper supply. I've had a very pleasant pregnancy, except for the beginning. I feel good, with energy. I haven't had any bad swelling, excessive weight gain, and other unpleasant side-effects. My tummy has grown quite a bit since last week though. Now I look totally pregnant, and since my hips haven't grown much, my stomach just protrudes from my body in the oddest way. Ha. Being pregnant is a trip.

27 week photo. Please forgive my face and hair. I was hot and tired.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a quick post from my phone because today was a busy day and I don't want to forget! You were lazy yesterday and today and I started to worry so I went in to see the doctor. It was nuts because now I have to go to Labor & Delivery and they were wheeling around little newborns! They are all so beautiful!!! It really hit me how close I am, that in a few weeks I will be going to that very same hospital and leaving with a baby! My belly got hooked up to monitors and the dumb nurse I got at first couldn't get your heartbeat and I almost lost it. Finally another came in and finally put it in the right spot and it was very strong. I had to sit for like an hour and drink apple juice (apfel). After the juice you started to move around and obviously did not like the monitors very much. Then at one point I had a contraction! It was crazy. It just felt like my stomach got rock hard for a few seconds, but I did not feel any discomfort. I guess it is normal to have little ones as long as they don't hurt. They are called Braxton Hicks contractions and they are just my body's way of starting to prepare for delivery. Then we had an ultrasound and you were perfect! Your arm was stretched straight out, you were just relaxing. I love seeing you wiggle around, and your adorable little fingers & toes. The doctor was laughing that she had never seen a baby on the u/s with such long legs! And I also saw your private part, hehe. You are just too sweet. I cannot believe how much I love you and I still have yet to officially meet you! Stop making me worry!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My July gets hot!

I arrived in San Diego yesterday at 10am and spent the whole day at my aunt's house at our 2nd annual ladies "Spa Day". There were facialists, manicurists, masseuses! I spent most of my time floating in the water and lounging. Then I got a pedicure. You, little pea, were very active all day. You weren't used to so many screams and laughs and me swimming around! Maybe you were just happy because I was so relaxed. I am so happy to be in San Diego and I cannot wait to have beach days and sunny times at Balboa Park. So many people are dying to meet you!!!! Your popularity increases every day! Todd, Valentine, and Ramonie are still in San Francisco. At least you have to come with me!
ily tj


Friday, July 10, 2009

Yesterday was a good day. I felt good and got to spend some time in the city hanging out with good friends and laughing a lot. Laughing is always nice. I even stayed out until past midnight! We were walking around in the Mission district and there were two dudes playing music on a street corner. As we stopped and listened, a homeless black man came up to the group trying to sell free newspapers to us. He had a little harmonica with him and eagerly started playing it, the guy singing even let the bum in on his microphone for a second. This old man was so happy, getting an opportunity to play his little instrument. Then I saw him reach into his dirty, tattered pants and take out a couple of coins and drop them into the two musicians' guitar case. The homeless guy gave some of -his- change to two young hipsters in clean clothes. Why? Because for a moment, he shared something with them. They treated him like a human. This struck me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doctor appointment update

So today we had to go in for a regular routine visit, and also to check and make sure I am not at risk for gestational diabetes. It is fairly common for pregnant women to develop this so everyone is tested as normal prenatal protocol. Anyway, I had been warned that the glucose "orange soda" you have to drink was nasty; but nothing prepared me for this! It was the sweetest thing I have ever drank, so sweet it burned my throat! And I felt so woozy after, as if I would've had a cocktail. Then after an hour blood is drawn. Sorry to rain on your parades, but if you are scared of needles or having blood drawn, you are in for a big surprise whenever you have a baby (ahem, JLW). They do it a few times, but it is very important, and luckily it does not bother me at all. 
I also saw my sweet new Russian doctor (my previous one went on maternity leave, haha).  I did not like the first doctor anyway, she was sort of frigid and very short with me. I ask a lot of relevant questions at my appointments, as most women should. I'm pretty well educated on the subject, and I like having good information. The mean doctor would just answer everything with, "It's because you're pregnant." This one listens and answers my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. She is so pleasant and plump and I want to hug her after every visit. I will miss her when I move to San Diego. I am crossing my fingers to find an amazing new doctor that understands and supports the personal choices I have made for labor and delivery. 
:Fun Stuff:
While my doctor was measuring my abdomen to check baby's size, the little one started moving around! Making it difficult! Then while she tried to listen to her heartbeat, baby bug kept moving around and kicking, making the machine make lots of weird noises! Hahaha, the Doc laughed at how active she was. I think the glucose drink made her feel funky, too. Oh, and I lost three pounds since last time and that freaked me out. But, it turns out sweet pea is actually measuring a little ahead, she is measuring about 26 weeks. Which is great! I guess I really am all belly. And now I get to eat more! :D The big weight gain should not really start until next month, when she will really start putting on weight. So, I am glad to be doing so well with weight gain thus far. I cannot wait until I can have another ultrasound and look at her. I really want to get a 3D ultrasound, but those are really expensive and Kaiser does not do them. I would have to go somewhere else and pay like $300. I think it is worth it, though. You can actually see the baby's face! That is so wonderful. Any moms that have had theirs are lucky. 

I will be in San Diego so soon! Yay! BYE!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pregnant chicks are easily annoyed by people. All people. And if you are a person that makes stupid comments, like "Any day now, huh?" or "Going to be a big baby, isn't she?", then you are just lucky that common courtesy doesn't allow for me to respond with: "Well, I'm round because I'm pregnant, what's your excuse?" or the even stronger desire to just throw something at them. I've said it before and I will say it again: Just shut your pieholes. Refrain. Unless you want to create really evil thoughts in pregnant heads. O:-)

Must post. Overnight growth spurt.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Please watch this.

99 balloons. Click link below.
Did I mention my belly needs its own pillow now?

Fro yo.

You surprise me at work with FROZEN YOGURT and make me so happy and now I love you even more.
Todd wins CurrierVelasquez of the day.


25 weeks.

Or almost 25 weeks. Depends which due date I go by.



What I really, really want right now.

With a cold glass of milk. Drool.

Very hungry today. So far, at 2:18pm, I've had: peach yogurt, half a bagel, half an avocado, one scrambled egg, an apple, a one bread sandwich, one tiny cup of coffee, 3 cups of water.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A small series of things I can't wait to show you...

Some things that come to mind, although some will obviously be far in the future:

>the change of the colors of leaves, indicating the beginning of Fall... (lucky October baby! My favorite month.)
>the art on film that is Un Homme et Une Femme
>Christmas on the Prado at the lovely Balboa Park
>strolls in Balboa Park in general
>Paris in the Spring
>the way homes smell on Thanksgiving day
>Christmas morning when you get to see all the stuff Santa will bring you ;-)
>good music
>learning how to READ
>a live symphony
>Oreos dunked in milk
>I want our little family to have a white Christmas in a cabin at some point
>the importance of fashion as an art form and as a statement on contemporary culture
>movie nights
>how delicious a nice glass of wine can be
>the great feminist writers (one of which you will be named after)

Let me make it clear, and remind myself, that you are your own person and what I want to share with you is what I love and you will have your own thoughts and opinions. I'm sure I will also learn plenty from you. Who knows, maybe you'll be like Todd and fall asleep during important films like Eraserhead, dislike Albert Camus' The Rebel, and build/design airplanes and discuss physics instead. :)

Me on Friday

Dress from when I worked at Nordstrom! :O comment on the pig slippers.


Fat baby


Foot long baby.

Your rolls, kicks, and stretches are becoming a lot stronger. You're getting big! Technically, if you are born this week, you have a very high chance of surviving and growing up like all the other babies. Of course, you aren't coming any time soon, but that is crazy! Time is passing and you are now a small but real baby! Yes, you even have eyelids (haha, Caela). You react to things- like the loud faucet when I take a bath, an ambulance, me accidentaly squeezing you, a sleeping position that you don't approve of, and good food! Disturbing fact: In some parts of the world, abortions are still legal up to 25 weeks. I have no words to describe the atrocity of that.
Switching back to happy thoughts, I'd like to know why you won't kick hard when your dad tries to feel you. He touches you so lightly because he thinks it's mean to poke, and you just give him little tiny movements so he knows you're there. But that's all! No kung-fu! Is it because you get shy or don't really like him? Nope, it's probably because you love him more, the one who cooks for you and makes you feel calm. I'm just the annoying lady that takes loud baths and cramps your style.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


TMI- My right boob leaked a little this morning and the middle of my belly button is trying to slowly but surely poke out. :-O

A cousin for the ladybug

Yay! The bugbee is going to have a little cousin her age! My handsome cousin Cesar and his lovely wife are pregnant! After a tragedy this is such a gift for them and I am so happy. I think she is due around late January, so my little one will only be about 4 months older. Congrats!!