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Monday, July 6, 2009

Foot long baby.

Your rolls, kicks, and stretches are becoming a lot stronger. You're getting big! Technically, if you are born this week, you have a very high chance of surviving and growing up like all the other babies. Of course, you aren't coming any time soon, but that is crazy! Time is passing and you are now a small but real baby! Yes, you even have eyelids (haha, Caela). You react to things- like the loud faucet when I take a bath, an ambulance, me accidentaly squeezing you, a sleeping position that you don't approve of, and good food! Disturbing fact: In some parts of the world, abortions are still legal up to 25 weeks. I have no words to describe the atrocity of that.
Switching back to happy thoughts, I'd like to know why you won't kick hard when your dad tries to feel you. He touches you so lightly because he thinks it's mean to poke, and you just give him little tiny movements so he knows you're there. But that's all! No kung-fu! Is it because you get shy or don't really like him? Nope, it's probably because you love him more, the one who cooks for you and makes you feel calm. I'm just the annoying lady that takes loud baths and cramps your style.

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