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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Small price to pay

Now that I've caught a flu and cannot medicate myself, something has become very clear to me. It's no wonder that women are usually superior at the whole parenting thing, especially in the beginning when the mother is the child's whole universe. The role of the mother begins at conception, whether she wants it to or not. Her body gets hijacked and there's no turning back. Mentally, physically, and emotionally the female is altered once that sperm meets the egg. We sacrifice our bodies, our glasses of wine, and our personal agendas to give our spawn the best possible chance at a healthy life. Of course, the peace and love I feel makes all those things seem trivial. Having her with me all the time, rolling around and getting so strong is beyond anything else I've felt. Still, it'd be nice to see Todd with leaky boobs and a watermelon belly for a day.

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