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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letters to honey.

Our tiny girl,

Yesterday daddy and I got to see you for a while because we had to go in for an ultrasound to make sure you are growing strong and healthy. We got a peek of your ten fingers, a set of toes, and pouty mouth. You're such an active little fetus and I am hopeful this means you are thriving in your cozy little mama hot tub. Please stop asking for cupcakes.

We had to go to the hospital where your sister was born to have the ultrasound and that is where you are going to be born, also. But it will be different this time, and I cannot wait to be back there in labor and hours from meeting you. I am a new person, already a mother, and you are a completely unique tiny individual the world has never had. I can already feel that you are going to be the sweetest adventure.

Waiting anxiously,

Precious, but starting to look cramped in there!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

17 months.


Sometimes I cannot believe she is real.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Babywearing now.

I am not sure exactly how I learned about the concept of "wearing" your baby but I do know that the idea of it instantly attracted me. Keeping your baby close and hands free? Sign me up! No lugging around a cumbersome car seat? Yes, please! When Olivia was a newborn it shocked me to see I was usually the only mom in the pediatric waiting room actually touching her baby. All the others slept in their little car seats at their mama's feet.

As time passed, babywearing was not only about cuddles but about getting stuff done. I could wear Olivia as an infant and shop, cook (haha!), write an e-mail, or walk around a museum. When done properly, babywearing is so comfortable for both the parent and baby. And yes, my husband babywears, too!

Now that Olivia is older, heavier, and more wiggly I see myself grabbing the stroller more. However, yesterday I had to run a bunch of errands which required the hyperactive tot to sit still in my lap and this just wasn't going to happen. So, at 7.5 months pregnant I pulled out the trusty carrier from the car, strapped it on, and in she went. Guess what? I got my errands done, including a blood draw at the OB's office!!!, without a single protest from the chatterbox. Awesome.


Cannot wait to snuggle up with Melina in these wraps. I would love to get a buckle carrier like the Ergo, Beco, or Ella Belly Full Click so that one of us can wear Olivia, too. Those are better for heavier babies and toddlers. Easy on, easy off.

If you have any questions about carriers or babywearing in general, send me a message anytime!

Our Current Stash:
Ella Belly Mei Tei
Didymos Night Owls Woven Wrap
Girasol Symphuou Woven Wrap

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's so quiet...

Things have been quiet around the blog this week but pretty hectic at home. Olivia seems to be sprouting some molars and poor thing is really hurting this time. We did so great with teething (she has all her teeth!) and now it's been tough. Night fevers, lack of appetite, and nasty diapers. Hopefully we get through it soon because mama and daddy are tired and our bed has been really crowded with my big belly and a bed hog named Pea.
On Wednesday we had our appointment with a very sweet new midwife who was SO supportive and positive about my VBAC. It blows my mind how different midwives and doctors are. PREGNANT MAMAS: GO SEE A MIDWIFE!!! I want a t-shirt that says "I support midwifery" with my baby bump on display. Good news is that baby girl is head down again! I was so scared she would stay breech. We are both healthy and she is even measuring a bit ahead at almost 30 weeks.
Thank you for the sweet comments about our subtle name announcement. We haven't settled on a middle named but the name Melina kept creeping to the top of the list and every time my husband would say it is just seemed to fit better and better. Melina. A cute little tidbit: Her nickname sort of evolved to Honey somehow, she has been Baby Honey for a while. I was looking up what the different names on our list meant and Melina is a Greek name, and it means honey!!! Pure coincidence.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

FB status update.

"Olivia brought me peace and a calm I had never experienced when I carried her in my belly. Now, this baby girl keeps inspiring me to create daily. To write, to read the beautiful words of my favorite writers, and listen to the music that makes my soul happy. It's like she's asking for it so she can enjoy these things, too."

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011



Art by Heidi Taillefer/

Sometimes when I am at work I find myself trying extra hard to suppress my need to admit I need to sit down for a second, or the difficulty of bending to get something off the floor. Whenever I feel winded or just plain tired I take deep breaths and continue doing everything as if I didn't have a basketball sized lump on the front of my body. My job requires certain things, and though I only work part-time, being 7 months pregnant is getting harder on my body while also having to be on my feet. I have to look fashionable, polished, and most of all- energetic! When I first realized I was pregnant again I feared telling my superiors because I didn't want special treatment or to feel like the "weakest" link.

Today as I drove here I realized something. Pregnant women really are the creators of life, the carriers of our future. If we expect humanity to flourish then women need to continue to be willing to relinquish their selfish self and replace it with a nurturing and conscious mother. We give up our corporal freedoms and allow ourselves to grow, expand, and welcome new life. Often, this brings many discomforts and a lack of energy that makes it difficult to go on with our routines at the same pace we are used to. There are days when getting out of bed is literally painful and others when we can feel so sick we wonder why the hell we'd put ourselves through this in the first place. Then, almost a year later, our bodies have blossomed and created an entire new being that we bring into the world and love unconditionally.

Of course we need special treatment! Certainly we need an extra hand and a little TLC! Not only do we sustain and nourish a life for 40 weeks, we also have the capability of providing the most complete and nutritious food for our children without the need of anything else for at least six months. Our naked self is enough to give this new inhabitant of the Earth the best start and we did this all while also being expected to work, care for other children, pay our bills, clean, and pay attention to our husbands. It wouldn't be out of line to expect special parking spots everywhere, or an extended lunch break would it? I am fairly certain it wouldn't be in our best interest for women to boycott pregnancy due to the lack of special attention, right?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 things I've learned about toddlers.

  1. They leave a crazy amount of floaties in water cups. What the heck are those?
  2. They sincerely enjoy being naked. And peeing on the wood floors.
  3. The toilet flushing is an intriguing experience.
  4. The shower is kind of scary but warm baths are fun.
  5. They will easily shoplift off the shelves at stores if you aren't careful when distracted.
  6. They do not mind being sticky. At all.
  7. They are incredibly aware and notice all the little things. This should be a lesson to adults.
  8. They need love and attention more than the trendiest toy.
  9. Tantrums and attitude are actually good signs of an intelligent child and her desire to communicate effectively.
  10. At the end of a long day and once they are clean and in jammies, they become sweet and snuggly babies all over again.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pea the Great.


I am enjoying my little girl so, so much these days. What adjectives come to mind when describing life with her right now? Fun! Silly! Challenging! Tiring! Sweet! Did I say fun? She is learning and growing quickly, every day it seems she learns something totally new and exciting. Like a sponge, she absorbs all we do and say (yikes!) and is so stimulated by our daily life.

In the back of my mind I carry the constant reminder that in a few short months she will have to share my arms and affection with a little baby that (I don't think) she even knows exists. Olivia will touch my stomach and smile at it but I doubt she understands the concept of another human growing in there. Everyone keeps saying she is now the BIG sister, and she won't be the BABY. Well, they are wrong.

Something very important to me will be to make sure everyone remembers Pea will only be 19.5 months old when her sister is born. It will be imperative for me that she continues to enjoy being a BABY, a young toddler, and not a small child before she needs to. Though she is so eager to learn and do everything for herself I still see tiny hands and her hair still smells like it did when she was brand-new. Most nights she wakes up in our bed, her small body curled into mine. I am not sure how Olivia will embrace her new role as the older baby in the house, but I know that her mama will have a hard time letting go of her first little girl's babyhood.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

27 weeks.


Dear Honey,

I know you don't really have a say in this since it's genetics and all but maybe you could look more like mommy and less like daddy? See, I carried your sister in my belly for about 10 months and then she goes and comes out looking just like your daddy. And now, they still share the same crooked smile and fuzzy eyebrows (and everything else...)

It'd be fun to look at least a little like me, I promise!




I pulled up Blogger and was almost inclined to post a bitchy rant about how I feel this morning. My coffee is already cold, Olivia is teething and ridiculously whiny, and a couple of other current frustrations. Instead, I am going to continue listen to the new Radiohead, heat up my cup of joe, and leave you with this:

I am so proud of my bilingual bebe. She can point out her major body parts (eyes, nose, head, feet, etc.) in two languages. She does it right every time and I am starting to really sense her understanding of what is said to her in both English and Spanish. Que bueno!

Monday, March 14, 2011

And the winner is...

#2- Alisha


Congrats mama, please e-mail me your address to claim your winnings!

Thanks to all of you for participating and for Abby at Itsy Bitsy Bums for her awesome contribution. Stay tuned for more great giveaways at our happy little blog.

We have a new button!


A lovely Sunday.

Yesterday I woke up determined to do two things: Go out for brunch and enjoy the sun. And we did. Todd, Olivia, and I had a wonderful day out and about in San Diego with the company of our good friends who are expecting their first baby this summer(!!!!).

Brunch @ Hob Nob Hill (amazing strawberry coffee cake!)
Off to Coronado Beach, gorgeous day!
Anyone else have a husband who refuses to smile for pictures? Still handsome, though.
With Auntie Caela
Crappiest stroller ever, I missed our Britax though it's way heavier.
27 weeks & 17 weeks

p.s. Don't forget, today is the last day for the giveaway! I will be choosing a winner tonight PST!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy weekend everyone!

Do you Instagram on your iPhone? I love it! Find us @valpea :) Oh, and don't forget to enter our natural goodie giveaway from Itsy Bitsy Bums. I will be drawing one random winner on Monday night PST.

Enjoy your Sunday, my favorite day of the week!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Natural Deodorant and Mama Cloth Giveaway!

Itsy Bitsy

This is a very exciting giveaway! I am teaming up with the super sweet mama behind the natural online baby/mama boutique, Itsy Bitsy Bums. She has generously offered to give one of my lovely readers a natural deodorant from Green Body Basics and two mama cloth liners! This deodorant is wonderful and effective, and even after trying several deodorants in my quest to find the perfect one, this wins! It leaves my skin moisturized and fresh all day without any nasty chemicals or toxins. Also, the one I have (sensual scent) has a very light and pleasant smell. Best of all, even my husband likes it! If a stinky man like him approves, we have a winner. ;) Here is more info on Green Body Basics deodorant.

If you are like me and have been thinking of trying mama cloth, this is your chance! Abby is giving away two of her favorite liners, and I cannot wait to try them for myself. They are soft and super comfortable (so I hear). Whoever wins needs to report back on their thoughts!
1 is a Mother Moon lay in liner: Mother Moon!
1 is a Wasabi Mommi Lemon Liner: Wasabi Mommi!


You can have up to three separate entries for this giveaway, I will be picking ONE winner at random so if you do all three things and comment on each individual one then you will have a higher chance of winning:
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3. Third, leave a comment here with a product from the Itsy Bitsy Bums shop you'd love you try.

I hope everyone enters, this will be fun!


Stay tuned, I have a really fun giveaway in the works- And my favorite part is that this one's for mamas and not for the babies :)


Pretty girl.

When I am at work and Todd and Olivia are out and about running errands, I treasure the picture messages/videos he texts me throughout the day. Here is one from yesterday, Pea wiped out from fun with dadd-ee.
The weather in San Diego is looking like spring, and I love how sweet she looks in sleeveless ruffle tops like this! Summer fashion here we come :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letters to Honey.


Baby honey,

You are growing more and more every day it seems. Your movements are strong and obvious and I cannot believe the weeks are just flying by. Every time I see one of your bitty onesies or tiny socks I have to pinch myself that I am going to have another sweet little girl that will wear these. It feels quite different this time around. All the changes in my body are welcome and familiar, but I can already sense your tiny being is unique and unlike your sister's. I wonder who you will look like. Maybe just like her? Will your hair also be golden? Maybe you will have your daddy's beautiful green eyes, and pretty dark hair like your Auntie Paloma. Either way, you are going to be so lovely and so LOVED. You will be ours.

I cannot wait to hold you,

Hello there!

I am so happy to see new bloggers stopping by our little space almost daily now. I don't try to grab followers just for the sake of seeing the number grow, and nothing makes me happier than comments or e-mails from mamas/non-mamas that enjoy what we have to say here at A Little Pea Came Along. I will always be candid and honest, and what I write is always full of love for my family and our little world.

If there is anything you want me to write about or review, please let me know. From cloth diapering to easy spring fashion and finding the perfect natural deodorant, I am your girl. Anything you want to know about me, just ask! Again, welcome and make yourself comfy. We will be around for a while!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby babywearing.

Olivia Simone and her Olivia the Pig in their Ella Belly mini mei tei carrier :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

16 month stats!

Today Olivia went to see her Pediatrician for a regular well-baby visit. She weighs 22.4lbs and is 31 inches tall. That puts her in the lower average for weight and the higher average for height compared to other baby girls her age. This is how she has always been, so that's good. Her doctor is pleased with her size and is still convinced too many American children are too big, which may have something to do with why Pea always seems so small. Of course, genetics play a big roll in this, too.
Developmentally Olivia is a firecracker and healthy as a horse. I am so thankful for that. A healthy baby is what I want more than anything! We chatted about so many things: weaning off the bottle, then the paci, and most importantly: vaccines. Now that there will be a little baby in the house and a toddler germ carrier, I am growing weary. Olivia doesn't go to daycare but there is still a host of infections at playgrounds, malls, etc. We are still on a very delayed/selective vaccine schedule but there are some illnesses, such as whooping cough, that could kill an infant but a toddler could overcome them. There is so much to consider. Any input you alternate/non-vaxing readers have would be so welcome :)
I cannot believe we are already thinking of weaning little Pea off the bottle and paci. She is still my baby, RIGHT? Emotional hangups for sure, but our life will be much easier if we get her off these things before her sister joins the fun.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Morning people.

Everyone is a morning person at our house. And it's a good thing, since our human alarm clock never skips a beat. She wakes up jolly and chatty, beckoning us to wake the heck up in her Minnie Mouse sing-songy voice.

Unless one of us has to run out the door early, the three of us have breakfast together every morning. I love that. Todd has been making the most delicious pancakes from scratch lately. My favorite: banana with raw organic peanut butter. A handsome man who cooks? Sigh, I love my husband.

This morning, his & hers. Background: The Smiths radio on Pandora and Olivia picking Cheerios off avocado slices with great care (she left the Cheerios, ate the green stuff).

Have a lovely weekend. xo

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm suffering from pregsomnia tonight.

Instead of getting myself in trouble by shopping for cute vintage Easter-ish dresses for me and Pea I'm going to close my eyes and start planning my approach to this series of children's books I've had in my brains for the past year.

Goood night.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A chilly afternoon at the Balboa Park playground.

On Pea:
Jacket- Juicy Couture
Polka dot leggings- Target
Socks- Trumpette
Shoes- See Kai Run