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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Morning people.

Everyone is a morning person at our house. And it's a good thing, since our human alarm clock never skips a beat. She wakes up jolly and chatty, beckoning us to wake the heck up in her Minnie Mouse sing-songy voice.

Unless one of us has to run out the door early, the three of us have breakfast together every morning. I love that. Todd has been making the most delicious pancakes from scratch lately. My favorite: banana with raw organic peanut butter. A handsome man who cooks? Sigh, I love my husband.

This morning, his & hers. Background: The Smiths radio on Pandora and Olivia picking Cheerios off avocado slices with great care (she left the Cheerios, ate the green stuff).

Have a lovely weekend. xo

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