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Friday, March 25, 2011

It's so quiet...

Things have been quiet around the blog this week but pretty hectic at home. Olivia seems to be sprouting some molars and poor thing is really hurting this time. We did so great with teething (she has all her teeth!) and now it's been tough. Night fevers, lack of appetite, and nasty diapers. Hopefully we get through it soon because mama and daddy are tired and our bed has been really crowded with my big belly and a bed hog named Pea.
On Wednesday we had our appointment with a very sweet new midwife who was SO supportive and positive about my VBAC. It blows my mind how different midwives and doctors are. PREGNANT MAMAS: GO SEE A MIDWIFE!!! I want a t-shirt that says "I support midwifery" with my baby bump on display. Good news is that baby girl is head down again! I was so scared she would stay breech. We are both healthy and she is even measuring a bit ahead at almost 30 weeks.
Thank you for the sweet comments about our subtle name announcement. We haven't settled on a middle named but the name Melina kept creeping to the top of the list and every time my husband would say it is just seemed to fit better and better. Melina. A cute little tidbit: Her nickname sort of evolved to Honey somehow, she has been Baby Honey for a while. I was looking up what the different names on our list meant and Melina is a Greek name, and it means honey!!! Pure coincidence.

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The Garlick's said...

oooo...I wonder if that's what's up with charlotte??? She's had watery poo, no appetite, cranky and super tired the past 24 hours.OH and she did vomit once. No fever though, and she has brief spurts of totally acting normal.
And I love the new baby's name! (we just keep calling ours 'new baby.' sigh.)
AMEN On the midwives!