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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letters to Honey.


Baby honey,

You are growing more and more every day it seems. Your movements are strong and obvious and I cannot believe the weeks are just flying by. Every time I see one of your bitty onesies or tiny socks I have to pinch myself that I am going to have another sweet little girl that will wear these. It feels quite different this time around. All the changes in my body are welcome and familiar, but I can already sense your tiny being is unique and unlike your sister's. I wonder who you will look like. Maybe just like her? Will your hair also be golden? Maybe you will have your daddy's beautiful green eyes, and pretty dark hair like your Auntie Paloma. Either way, you are going to be so lovely and so LOVED. You will be ours.

I cannot wait to hold you,

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Alexis Camacho said...

I literally shed a tear. The sweetness of this blog is so beautiful and it makes me happy to read it. You are so talented and the way you are able to so eloquently describe your love for your children is inspiring. Thanks for having this blog, I genuinely enjoy it.