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Monday, March 7, 2011

16 month stats!

Today Olivia went to see her Pediatrician for a regular well-baby visit. She weighs 22.4lbs and is 31 inches tall. That puts her in the lower average for weight and the higher average for height compared to other baby girls her age. This is how she has always been, so that's good. Her doctor is pleased with her size and is still convinced too many American children are too big, which may have something to do with why Pea always seems so small. Of course, genetics play a big roll in this, too.
Developmentally Olivia is a firecracker and healthy as a horse. I am so thankful for that. A healthy baby is what I want more than anything! We chatted about so many things: weaning off the bottle, then the paci, and most importantly: vaccines. Now that there will be a little baby in the house and a toddler germ carrier, I am growing weary. Olivia doesn't go to daycare but there is still a host of infections at playgrounds, malls, etc. We are still on a very delayed/selective vaccine schedule but there are some illnesses, such as whooping cough, that could kill an infant but a toddler could overcome them. There is so much to consider. Any input you alternate/non-vaxing readers have would be so welcome :)
I cannot believe we are already thinking of weaning little Pea off the bottle and paci. She is still my baby, RIGHT? Emotional hangups for sure, but our life will be much easier if we get her off these things before her sister joins the fun.


Jessica said...

My doctor does not vaccinate, he treats infections when contracted. I would just make sure everybody in the house has a strong immune system and defense against invaders. When I asked my doc for the pertussis vaccine (my school had a case of it) he prescribed me to take 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 and 6,000mg of vitamin C as a defense.

The Garlick's said...

I totally agree...It's scary no matter what you choose. I agree with vitamin d supplementation, and of course, lots of breast milk! Nature's first immunization. I'm vaxing charlotte for pertussis, hib, pcv...and that's all for right now. Before kindergarten I'll do MMR, and if she doesn't get chicken pox on her own by then I'll get her that one too. The other shots, IMO, are a little silly... =)
You feed your kids well and take care of yourselves; if your baby #2 is born healthy then she can fight off whatever comes her way!

Eliska Bobeeska said...

I really believe in pertussis vaccine, although we waited to start the series until A was 6 months old. That was the only vaccine that both of my Naturopath's reccomended. It is VERY low on the scale for reactions, and it also comes with tetnius, which can be important if you plan to have your child digging around in the dirt etc. If you get cut or poked with rusty things the tetnius vaccine is no good unless you have had it previously as well. I think having a dr. that you trust and really talking to them is best. Several of our dr's put on vaccine talks etc, you might find something like that there? ALSO I really love Dr. Sears vaccine book - it's totally non biased - and so full of info. Of course we also do the cod liver every day for Vitamin D. I know pertussis has several outbreaks down there each year,and it can be a very scary disease.