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Monday, March 28, 2011

Babywearing now.

I am not sure exactly how I learned about the concept of "wearing" your baby but I do know that the idea of it instantly attracted me. Keeping your baby close and hands free? Sign me up! No lugging around a cumbersome car seat? Yes, please! When Olivia was a newborn it shocked me to see I was usually the only mom in the pediatric waiting room actually touching her baby. All the others slept in their little car seats at their mama's feet.

As time passed, babywearing was not only about cuddles but about getting stuff done. I could wear Olivia as an infant and shop, cook (haha!), write an e-mail, or walk around a museum. When done properly, babywearing is so comfortable for both the parent and baby. And yes, my husband babywears, too!

Now that Olivia is older, heavier, and more wiggly I see myself grabbing the stroller more. However, yesterday I had to run a bunch of errands which required the hyperactive tot to sit still in my lap and this just wasn't going to happen. So, at 7.5 months pregnant I pulled out the trusty carrier from the car, strapped it on, and in she went. Guess what? I got my errands done, including a blood draw at the OB's office!!!, without a single protest from the chatterbox. Awesome.


Cannot wait to snuggle up with Melina in these wraps. I would love to get a buckle carrier like the Ergo, Beco, or Ella Belly Full Click so that one of us can wear Olivia, too. Those are better for heavier babies and toddlers. Easy on, easy off.

If you have any questions about carriers or babywearing in general, send me a message anytime!

Our Current Stash:
Ella Belly Mei Tei
Didymos Night Owls Woven Wrap
Girasol Symphuou Woven Wrap


KatDale said...

That's awesome! Its not so bad babywearing while pregnant...I wore Kannon in a babyhawk through the airport when I was 7 months pregnant. People may look at us like we are crazy....but hell with 'em!

Meaghan said...

That picture of Pea in symphou....I feel like that was yesterday!!! How are our girls this old already????