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Monday, August 31, 2009

33 Week Doctor Visit.

You grew. Now you're measuring almost 5 pounds and with a due date of October 18th. I've noticed the growth even before today because the skin on my stomach feels like it is going to tear at the seams. I've also had a weird sensation around my belly button. To be perfectly blunt, it feels as if though my belly button is going to tear open. Today after the doctor visit and ultrasound, Todd asked me if I had looked at my belly today. Then he proceeded to inform me that I grew a baby stretch mark. I was horrified. Since I was 6 weeks along I have been putting on lotion and oil daily. The mark is small and very light, really no big deal. I know that I have been lucky so far. I just hope it will be my only one. One is okay. I can actually learn to like it. One little mark from this very big adventure. A souvenir.

Belly at 6 weeks

Belly now
Fact: You totally dig Belle & Sebastian. You're dancing! Good taste in music already.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hot, hot heat

Few things:

1. I go outside and my energy goes to zero almost instantly. My belly weighs more when I am hot, I swear.

2. Monday is the last day of August. Ahhhh! Then when people ask me when I am having my baby I will say: "Next month!" Holy cow. I am getting the nesting itch like nothing else and I want to at least get her crib ready and her clothes washed. I want to baby shop. I'm not even dying to buy all this stuff for her that I am not even going to use at first. Unlike most pregnant women, I'm not a huge fan of Babies R Us. I just want the essentials. Especially since I do not know what I will need and want until after she is born. Everyone suggests I wait until after my baby "party" to start buying anything. In the meantime, I am working on my diaper stash. There is a stay-at-home mom that makes diapers and sells them once a week on her online shop. There is a super high demand for them. They are supposed to be the best and are super cute and of course I feel that those are the ones Olivia needs. I'm getting good at stalking the site and getting them before they sell out :) Makes it even funner! Haha. Last week she got a Hello Kitty one. I need to get a life.

3. My friends are amazing and spoil me like nothing else.

4. My boobs are huge and I need nipple cream.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haven't slept through the night in about two weeks now. Peeing about twice each night, no matter what. Leg cramps. Hunger. Cannot get comfortable. Counting days at this point.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Updated belly pics. 31 weeks 5 days (approx.)
p.s. My double bellybutton is actually the ugly scar from when I pierced my bellybutton when I was 16. It stretched with my belly. Ew.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Book worms

...I'm currently reading and really enjoying Ina May's book, it is empowering and inspirational. I like how she never discredits modern medicine, but puts the strength of the female body and of the mind as the most important tools for a natural and beautiful childbirth. The women in her book share their stories and write of delivering their babies as a life-altering experience and not as something painful and unpleasant they just wanted to get over and done with.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Olive trees

I think the most amazing part of getting the 3D/4D ultrasound was that it really put the reality of Olivia in perspective. I mean, I have been mentally preparing myself for what is to come since I knew I was going to have a baby. But, in my mind she has just been a "baby", a small something that exists but not entirely. It's like I am used to being pregnant, used to having something extra in my belly, but it's still just me. Seeing her yesterday, an actual little body and not just a 2D ultrasound skeleton, all I could think was "Wow". She is so beautiful to me, so pure. I feel so much peace when I feel her. An innocent little life, she didn't ask to be here, but she will be. I'm aware of the fact that we all had the same tiny beginning, we were all sweet creatures in someone's belly. I suppose it makes my outlook different though, thinking this way. I can think of the negative aspects of our world, but remembering that we were all little peas once makes me feel a lot more hopeful.

There she is.

I've never seen a sweeter face than this. I cannot wait to meet you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My crafty cloth wipes... sewing skills need improving.


First four.

Current project...

Making my own cloth diaper wipes! They are cute (I can pick any pattern of flannel I like) and super easy to make. I haven't started mine, but they will look something like this:


What is it like to be almost 8 months pregnant? Can't sleep, can't get comfortable, starving at 4:30am, got up to pee three times since I went to bed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

8 months in two weeks...

Holy moley.
Still not soon enough.
I feel like a sitting duck.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Doctor Visit

We finally had our first San Diego appointment. I really liked the doctor, a funny little man named Dr. Perez. All is great it seems, he says both baby and I are doing very well. My blood pressure is good, weight gain is healthy, cervix is how it should be. Then we had an ultrasound and chubby is 3lbs 4oz! This is just an estimate, but that is a very healthy and on target weight for her gestational age. She was very active and hiding her face, but she did flash her lady parts! There is NO DOUBT that this child is a girl. None. It was funny to see her moving her little fingers and snacking on (opening her mouth and swallowing) amniotic fluid (yum?).
I signed up for an infant CPR class and a breastfeeding class. Also, I have opted to not take the generic childbirth classes. After doing some research (I'm getting really good at research) I learned that most likely I will benefit more from reading certain books than attending generic classes. The really good ones are super expensive and not very available, and the literature can be just as informative. I just ordered Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth... she is pretty much the Queen Bee of midwifery. She's even on Wikipedia. I wish I could have her deliver my baby.

Cloth diapering

So, the more I research it and learn about it, the more I want to try cloth diapering. There are a million different options and SOOOO much information on the internet. I have found great groups of women doing cloth diapering that know so much and are so willing to share their knowledge. It is overwhelming because there are so many different natural fabrics you can use (hemp, wool, cotton, fleece, bamboo) and so many different types of diaper covers. Then, you also have to learn about the best and easiest way to wash diapers and which detergents work best. I absolutely love the interwebs. Now I shall answer the question. Why the heck do you want to use cloth diapers?

1. Cost. Cloth diapering, once you have your stash, is a lot cheaper than buying disposables. You have to invest in getting your supply of diapers and covers, but after that, they should last until the baby is potty-trained. Especially if you buy the best ones (like I am).
2. It is better for my baby and for the environment. Babies that are cloth diapered have virtually no diaper rash, especially if they are babies with sensitive skin. Also, because the natural fibers are breathable, anti-bacterial, and not synthetic, it is better for their little butts and private parts regardless. Adults should also use 100% natural fibers for their underwear. Also, disposable diapers take years to biodegrade and in the meantime, imagine how many diapers are sitting in landfills all over the world. Respect for Mother Earth :)
3. Todd was the first one to even suggest cloth diapering. His mother cloth diapered his brother and him so he supports this decision entirely. Having his support is helpful because that means he will help me wash them. :P
4. It's really not that big of a deal. Most moms do one load of diapers every other day (depending how many diapers you have to rotate). And you're only supposed to use very little detergent, so you aren't spending a whole lot on soap either. You keep dirty diapers (after rinsing the poo ones with the sprayer in the toilet) in a pail until you have enough for a laundry load. They sell "wet bags" that are made to hold diapers in your diaper bag until you go home and put them in the poo pail. If you are going to be away and unable to wash diapers (vacation, for example) then you may just have to use disposables. No biggie.
5. They are way cuter than disposables :) There are hundreds of color and patterns to choose from. And I enjoy buying them from other moms that make them and sell them on their online shops. So much funner than buying Huggies.

There ya go.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sheep pants

Cloth diapers are cute. Haha.

These past few days I will just sit in awe of your strong and almost painful movements. I just cannot believe how much my stomach moves from the outside as you toss and turn. I love it but at the same time it hurts sometimes when you kick me hard!

Pretty knitting for Olivia Simone

Here are some photos of my great-aunt's beautiful gift for the baby... I took them with my phone so they aren't the best... Can't wait to take some with her in these clothes!

The Blanket


Flowers and bow on blanket details



Dress & Coat




Booties & hat


Friday, August 7, 2009


Uncle Mike's very sweet girlfriend Andrea gave the baby a very lovely gift today... Two Olivia books and a little Olivia doll! So unexpected and generous. Also, my great-aunt knitted her the most beautiful blanket, dress, sweater dress, hat, and booties! Yes, all of those things. I have to take photos. Truly the most gorgeous, detailed, and thoughtful knitting I have ever seen. She is very talented.

What a lucky little girl my Olivia is. So many people think of her. I will be sure to remind her of this.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

so NUTS.

Before, I'd tell people when I am due or how far along I am and they would say things like -Oh, still have a long way to go!- and I remember getting slightly annoyed because I started to get impatient at around three months. It felt like October was light years away! Now when I tell people they look so surprised that it is so soon! And I scream a little inside! It is August, then September, then OCTOBER!!!! Ahhhh! I feel like starting to get all of her things ready, but I know I still have time. I just feel like I am totally unprepared. I do not own a single diaper. She has no bed. I just cannot believe how close this is. It's finally getting to that point.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

29 Weeks

Outside hotel at wedding in pretty Maine


Stuff I am researching...

Cloth Diapers (Mom, don't freak out. They are not how they used to be. No clothespins and leaky rags are involved.) Click here: Cloth diapers are not impossible.

Wood and designs for the crib Todd is going to build her

Organic baby bedding and clothing

Baby wraps (I only really want to use a stroller for walks/jogs)

And of course, breastfeeding.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick update: Haven't even finished unpacking our stuff here in San Diego and I'm now on the other side of the country in beautiful Portland, Maine until Tuesday. Auntie Caela is getting married tomorrow!!! The flight was a bit uncomfortable, I'm getting big and baby is getting big also. This means her kicks are stronger and though I love feeling my little girl it just doesn't help when airplane seats are already so uncomfortable. I can't wait to start blogging once I get back!!