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Monday, August 31, 2009

33 Week Doctor Visit.

You grew. Now you're measuring almost 5 pounds and with a due date of October 18th. I've noticed the growth even before today because the skin on my stomach feels like it is going to tear at the seams. I've also had a weird sensation around my belly button. To be perfectly blunt, it feels as if though my belly button is going to tear open. Today after the doctor visit and ultrasound, Todd asked me if I had looked at my belly today. Then he proceeded to inform me that I grew a baby stretch mark. I was horrified. Since I was 6 weeks along I have been putting on lotion and oil daily. The mark is small and very light, really no big deal. I know that I have been lucky so far. I just hope it will be my only one. One is okay. I can actually learn to like it. One little mark from this very big adventure. A souvenir.

Belly at 6 weeks

Belly now

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eisley54 said...

I got my first stretch marks with my son at 37 weeks! I used creams too (however, I did slack off at the end!) mine pretty much disappeared and you can hardly see them even now! I think you'll be fine though!

I second the good taste in music. My little girl enjoys, Eisley, Copeland, Mates of States and Camera Obscura, however, at the drive in makes her go crazy--i'm not sure if that's because she doesnt' like it or really loves it!