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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cloth diapering

So, the more I research it and learn about it, the more I want to try cloth diapering. There are a million different options and SOOOO much information on the internet. I have found great groups of women doing cloth diapering that know so much and are so willing to share their knowledge. It is overwhelming because there are so many different natural fabrics you can use (hemp, wool, cotton, fleece, bamboo) and so many different types of diaper covers. Then, you also have to learn about the best and easiest way to wash diapers and which detergents work best. I absolutely love the interwebs. Now I shall answer the question. Why the heck do you want to use cloth diapers?

1. Cost. Cloth diapering, once you have your stash, is a lot cheaper than buying disposables. You have to invest in getting your supply of diapers and covers, but after that, they should last until the baby is potty-trained. Especially if you buy the best ones (like I am).
2. It is better for my baby and for the environment. Babies that are cloth diapered have virtually no diaper rash, especially if they are babies with sensitive skin. Also, because the natural fibers are breathable, anti-bacterial, and not synthetic, it is better for their little butts and private parts regardless. Adults should also use 100% natural fibers for their underwear. Also, disposable diapers take years to biodegrade and in the meantime, imagine how many diapers are sitting in landfills all over the world. Respect for Mother Earth :)
3. Todd was the first one to even suggest cloth diapering. His mother cloth diapered his brother and him so he supports this decision entirely. Having his support is helpful because that means he will help me wash them. :P
4. It's really not that big of a deal. Most moms do one load of diapers every other day (depending how many diapers you have to rotate). And you're only supposed to use very little detergent, so you aren't spending a whole lot on soap either. You keep dirty diapers (after rinsing the poo ones with the sprayer in the toilet) in a pail until you have enough for a laundry load. They sell "wet bags" that are made to hold diapers in your diaper bag until you go home and put them in the poo pail. If you are going to be away and unable to wash diapers (vacation, for example) then you may just have to use disposables. No biggie.
5. They are way cuter than disposables :) There are hundreds of color and patterns to choose from. And I enjoy buying them from other moms that make them and sell them on their online shops. So much funner than buying Huggies.

There ya go.

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The Garlick's said...

I'm thinking about cloth too, but I would use a diaper service. I found one locally for $17/week. You get 80 diapers a week delivered to your door, and you just put out the hamper of dirty ones. I would just have to buy the cute covers.