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Friday, July 10, 2009

Yesterday was a good day. I felt good and got to spend some time in the city hanging out with good friends and laughing a lot. Laughing is always nice. I even stayed out until past midnight! We were walking around in the Mission district and there were two dudes playing music on a street corner. As we stopped and listened, a homeless black man came up to the group trying to sell free newspapers to us. He had a little harmonica with him and eagerly started playing it, the guy singing even let the bum in on his microphone for a second. This old man was so happy, getting an opportunity to play his little instrument. Then I saw him reach into his dirty, tattered pants and take out a couple of coins and drop them into the two musicians' guitar case. The homeless guy gave some of -his- change to two young hipsters in clean clothes. Why? Because for a moment, he shared something with them. They treated him like a human. This struck me.

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