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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doctor appointment update

So today we had to go in for a regular routine visit, and also to check and make sure I am not at risk for gestational diabetes. It is fairly common for pregnant women to develop this so everyone is tested as normal prenatal protocol. Anyway, I had been warned that the glucose "orange soda" you have to drink was nasty; but nothing prepared me for this! It was the sweetest thing I have ever drank, so sweet it burned my throat! And I felt so woozy after, as if I would've had a cocktail. Then after an hour blood is drawn. Sorry to rain on your parades, but if you are scared of needles or having blood drawn, you are in for a big surprise whenever you have a baby (ahem, JLW). They do it a few times, but it is very important, and luckily it does not bother me at all. 
I also saw my sweet new Russian doctor (my previous one went on maternity leave, haha).  I did not like the first doctor anyway, she was sort of frigid and very short with me. I ask a lot of relevant questions at my appointments, as most women should. I'm pretty well educated on the subject, and I like having good information. The mean doctor would just answer everything with, "It's because you're pregnant." This one listens and answers my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. She is so pleasant and plump and I want to hug her after every visit. I will miss her when I move to San Diego. I am crossing my fingers to find an amazing new doctor that understands and supports the personal choices I have made for labor and delivery. 
:Fun Stuff:
While my doctor was measuring my abdomen to check baby's size, the little one started moving around! Making it difficult! Then while she tried to listen to her heartbeat, baby bug kept moving around and kicking, making the machine make lots of weird noises! Hahaha, the Doc laughed at how active she was. I think the glucose drink made her feel funky, too. Oh, and I lost three pounds since last time and that freaked me out. But, it turns out sweet pea is actually measuring a little ahead, she is measuring about 26 weeks. Which is great! I guess I really am all belly. And now I get to eat more! :D The big weight gain should not really start until next month, when she will really start putting on weight. So, I am glad to be doing so well with weight gain thus far. I cannot wait until I can have another ultrasound and look at her. I really want to get a 3D ultrasound, but those are really expensive and Kaiser does not do them. I would have to go somewhere else and pay like $300. I think it is worth it, though. You can actually see the baby's face! That is so wonderful. Any moms that have had theirs are lucky. 

I will be in San Diego so soon! Yay! BYE!


Leann said...

Gezz thanks Hun!

Jessica said...

You can get a 3D ultrasound at Chula Vista Mall. I think it's $110