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Monday, July 6, 2009

A small series of things I can't wait to show you...

Some things that come to mind, although some will obviously be far in the future:

>the change of the colors of leaves, indicating the beginning of Fall... (lucky October baby! My favorite month.)
>the art on film that is Un Homme et Une Femme
>Christmas on the Prado at the lovely Balboa Park
>strolls in Balboa Park in general
>Paris in the Spring
>the way homes smell on Thanksgiving day
>Christmas morning when you get to see all the stuff Santa will bring you ;-)
>good music
>learning how to READ
>a live symphony
>Oreos dunked in milk
>I want our little family to have a white Christmas in a cabin at some point
>the importance of fashion as an art form and as a statement on contemporary culture
>movie nights
>how delicious a nice glass of wine can be
>the great feminist writers (one of which you will be named after)

Let me make it clear, and remind myself, that you are your own person and what I want to share with you is what I love and you will have your own thoughts and opinions. I'm sure I will also learn plenty from you. Who knows, maybe you'll be like Todd and fall asleep during important films like Eraserhead, dislike Albert Camus' The Rebel, and build/design airplanes and discuss physics instead. :)

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