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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My July gets hot!

I arrived in San Diego yesterday at 10am and spent the whole day at my aunt's house at our 2nd annual ladies "Spa Day". There were facialists, manicurists, masseuses! I spent most of my time floating in the water and lounging. Then I got a pedicure. You, little pea, were very active all day. You weren't used to so many screams and laughs and me swimming around! Maybe you were just happy because I was so relaxed. I am so happy to be in San Diego and I cannot wait to have beach days and sunny times at Balboa Park. So many people are dying to meet you!!!! Your popularity increases every day! Todd, Valentine, and Ramonie are still in San Francisco. At least you have to come with me!
ily tj


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The Garlick's said...

VERY CUTE! your belly is way littler than mine, I think. But who knows. I've learned I'm not a very good judge of how big I am!