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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday morning.

I love Sundays. Especially gray, rainy ones like today. It is 9:00am and I am in bed with my laptop. ALONE. Todd is out. Olivia is out. I am listening to music, reading, relaxing. Alone time is huge. Especially on a Sunday. Soon, I will peel myself out of bed and start the day with my two loves. In the meantime, it's just me.

Highlights this week:

My new TOMS
gilded herringbone,

This lovely, gloomy weather- perfect for a pretty scarf

I succumbed to my craving of Hot Cheetos. I felt guilty.

Pretty Christmas tree

AND #1...
ONE OF MY BEST FRIEND IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!! She and her hubz have been trying for a few months and I am just over the moon excited. Especially because her #1 and my #2 will be so close in age and we will be bump buddies.

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