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Monday, December 20, 2010


Yesterday I was in my room chatting on my laptop with a very dear friend of mine who is in the Peace Corps in Madagascar. I heard a weird scampering sound and to my horror, a small brown mouse with round eyes was staring up at me. Before I had a chance to react, he ran out from under the door crack and into the hallway. That was the first sighting.

This morning Todd confirmed TWO small brown mice are in our house. This is a normal occurrence since we live in a semi-rural area of Bonita that is hilly which apparently means there are many four-legged friends around. We bought two mouse traps and they kind of make me sad though I am still creeped out by these bitty rodents hanging around.

Olivia saw one for the first time a few minutes ago and her eyes got super wide. I hate to admit it, but they're cute. I just wish they would get a home of their own! I have named them Betty and Loretta.


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