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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My husband.

I have fallen in love with this man more than once. At first, it was because he was so gentle and thoughtful in the smallest of ways, the kind of person who would point out a puddle so I could walk over it or a crack in the sidewalk because I'd likely trip. Then, it was because I realized how perfectly our hips fit into each other in his tiny twin bed as we lay to sleep and I have never seen eyes that shade of green. Months passed and we just became a pair naturally and effortlessly, never perfect but always pretty close.

As life has changed us and our relationship has weathered so many suns and a couple rains we continue on the same crooked path together. He is a man who shows his love in ways that are subtle but constant, he does not get sappy or sing my praises, but his actions fill my heart and soul. I fall in love with him all over again when I notice our daughter has his same exact eyebrows and crooked smile, I adore him more as I see him love her. Care for her, with the same gentle touch and thoughtful subtlety.

There are no guarantees in marriage, or in anything really, but all I can hope and fight for is that this concrete foundation we have built can continue to carry us toward the future. In the endless ways we are so alike and the frustrating aspects of us that are dissimilar I would not change anything. What do I want more than to grow old with him? A living example for our children that in this life nothing is handed to us, not very much comes easy, but the best things just seem to fit and find their way.


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