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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Olivia Simone's hobbies- Age: Almost 14 months

-Destruction. Ripping out the pages of my Elle Hong Kong :( Somehow getting into my makeup bag, drawers of clothes, and so forth. If a stuffed animal has a small tear, forget it. She will rip the stuffing out of it before the poor thing knows what hit it. This aspect of her behavior reminds me very much of a puppy. This is one of her nicknames.

-Grooving. Olivia loves to dance. Any genre, any tune. A couple of days ago we were walking across the Target parking lot and some guys drove by bumping some serious rap. I look at my child and she is bobbing her head in a rhythmic nodding motion to the music. Oh my. Olivia will often walk into my sister's room when she is listening to Of Montreal or Arcade Fire and just stand in the middle of the room and dance. The love of dancing began in my belly.

-Screaming. Happy screams. A shriek when her daddy comes home, a yelp when she sees a kid her size, another one when she sees something she wants at a store. I do not know how to control this, but she is very expressive and uses her vocal chords to do so. I hate to admit it, but the excited screaming freaks out other kids her age and I feel bad for her. She is just trying to make friends. Any tips on this are very welcome.

-Streaking. This is a recent development. Her love for undressing was born one night when I let her run around naked in the living room as I got her bath ready. Luckily, this is usually done in the privacy of her own home. Hopefully it will be a while before Pea knows how to take off her diaper.

In general, Olivia is a hoot. A handful. I am in awe of her ability to make sense of situations and her quick problem solving. She will often imitate us and understands a lot of what we say. There are tantrums and toy throwing episodes but I know this is all a part of her growing and learning. Pea is a sweet, intelligent, and loving baby girl that hugs my legs and gives sloppy kisses. When her temperamental side comes out I just continue being patient and try to understand her and it quickly subsides. There is a very outgoing and independent new aspect to her personality that is developing and according to my mom she gets this from me :)

Whenever I think I could not love her more, I do.


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