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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Season

Last night the three of us went to December Nights at Balboa Park with my parents and sister. This has been my family's Christmas tradition since I was barely a tiny fetus in my mom's belly. It was extra special last night having my sweet baby girl there with us. Todd wore her in the Moby wrap and she slept warm and snug most of the time we were there. I'm so excited for all the years to come as she grows and learns to appreciate the beauty of Balboa Park and the excitement that comes with being a child during the holidays. I wish we had more pictures but here are just a few.


click that picture to see the adorable feet of her pajamas!

Also, we went to take a holiday portrait to send out postcards this Christmas. I wish we were wearing matching sweaters. It's just not cheesy enough.

click below to view whole picture!


1 comment:

Jessica said...

I'm so jealous Todd wears the moby. I'm still working on Jorge.