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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stuck in the suburbs, missing the city.

I miss San Francisco. I will be so happy when we finally move to central San Diego. Cannot wait to walk, not drive, to my morning latte. This morning I sort of did that, although walking around and running errands within the confines of a suburban neighborhood just isn't the same. I want to put Olivia in her wrap or carrier and spend the morning getting fresh air and taking off these extra baby pounds. There was a phenomenon in San Francisco, all the moms I saw were fit. Why? Because driving to Target and Starbucks doesn't melt away fat. And it doesn't inspire a healthy and active lifestyle. Here you have to purposely get exercise, up there it's just part of the daily routine.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love San Diego. It is a beautiful place, and like I said, I will be so happy when we move near downtown. I love the neighborhoods like Golden Hill and the old houses off Adams Avenue, places with history and substance. Balboa Park asks nothing of Golden Gate Park and there are places here with espresso just as perfect as the Italian coffee houses in North Beach. I crave the mental stimulation of just getting more out of the daily grind, without the strip malls and chain stores.

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