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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Socialite

Olivia is no stranger to the great outdoors. I don't mean camping, we haven't done that yet. I am referring to spending time out and about enjoying our great city. We have gone to art museums, outdoor park festivals, shopping, restaurants, and maybe even a daytime bar or two. Sometimes other moms were surprised when I would mention that we never had any issues going out to eat with her as a younger baby or missing a nap (she just naps in the wrap!). I am not sure if it was venturing out when she was still very young and always wearing her so she felt safe and secure. Now that she is not so tiny and becoming more aware of her surroundings I am starting to realize she is very social and really enjoys being out. It's actually getting to be quite fun and she makes a really pleasant lunch date. Today we went out to eat a deli downtown and the pea had a blast eating bits of steamed carrots, chatting with other patrons, and taking in the sights.

On Thursday we had a beach day and it was a great success! I was hesitant about sand. What if it gets in her eyes? Is it unsafe if she starts to eat it? What if she hates it? Some of my fondest childhood memories are at the beach (I've probably mentioned that before) and I was really hoping that Olivia loved it, too.

I'm very happy to report that she most certainly did love it! Most of our beach time was spent on a comfy blanket under a shady umbrella but after a while we got really tired of trying to contain her. She kept crawling toward the sand and after a quick Google search (is sand unsafe for babies?) we decided to let her go for it. There were no mishaps and the giggles and excitement went on and on. Coated in a safe sunblock and in her new bathing suit top the pea had her first real dose of fun under the sun.

And after all that beach bumming, a nap in her own personal mommy and daddy made cabana.

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