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Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Post

The pea woke up with a goopy eye on Saturday. It seems to happen to her every so often. This time I squirted a little breast milk in it and voila! her eye went back to normal that same day. Reason number 435,664,654,345 why that stuff is just magical.

Also, I need to add a couple of things to Olivia's hobby list:
-Smearing baby food all over her chair so she can lick it up later
-Pulling mommy's hair
-Throwing her toys overboard and then staring down at them when she's in her crib as if they could rescue her
-Being worn on the back
-FEEDING HERSELF WHOLE GRAIN CHEERIOS! (Does anyone have an organic alternative?)
-Stealing from people's plates when no one notices as we sit around the dinner table
-The obsession with canines persists
-Story time with books with fun pictures and wrinkling the pretty pages
-Waking up at 5am crying :( Someone please tell me this phase is going to end. She had been sleeping so well and waking up happy. Are the teeth to blame?


The Garlick's said...

Val--there is an AMAZING book called the wonder weeks. Our little ones are going through a big change right now mentally........sleep regressions are actually "progression" according to this book. Check it out on amazon. It has made me so much more patient and understanding when she turns into a little monster all of a sudden! =) I know Annie's makes organic oat Os, and Nature's Path too.

Valeria said...

That is a great recommendation. I am going to get it!
I know it is natural, and I am so patient and right away pick her up and give her love but I miss my sleep :) Is Charlotte doing it, too?

Alexis said...

try Joe's O's from Trader Joe's. Just like cheerios but organic. :)

Eliska Bobeeska said...

Hi Val - we LOVE Cascadia Farms - purley O's. You might find them at Whole foods? Also wondering what time you put O down for bedtime?

Meaghan said...

Happy bellies makes Organic Puffs...
I think you can find them at Target (our fave!) and Whole Foods