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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cosleeping, she decided.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that Olivia would wake up promptly at 4:30am crying. Exhausted, I would lean over and bring her into bed with us. Since the pea was brought home from the hospital she has been sleeping right next to us in her crib. We'd usually get an extra hour or two of sleep if we brought her to bed with us in the morning. It was clear that she liked being close to us as much as we loved having her there. Well, this seems to have reached a bit of an extreme. The crying now begins at 2:30am.
This waking up every hour on the hour starting at 2:30am began around Friday or Saturday night. In an effort to catch at least a small snooze we would each move to either side of the bed to leave some space for Princess Nightowl to sleep. This was the only thing that worked! Last night, she officially slept IN our bed ALL night. She woke up at her usual 2:30am, was pulled into bed, and that was all we heard from her until the morning.
The alarming part is that her cry is scared and desperate right from the start. As soon as we scoop her up she is quiet and right back to sleep. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? Obviously she wants to be near us, and we have no problem with it. Cosleeping has been her choice, not ours.
The bed hog.


Eliska Bobeeska said...

My feelings are that she sees mama and daddy all snuggled up cozy together and wants to join instead of being all alone to keep herself warm, etc.... I think it's a natural human instinct to sleep with other people. I bet the cave people did it!
We have always had A in our bed, and sometimes neither of us get much sleep. I don't know how we will ever move her out, and I know it will be very challenging for all of us, so if it's not something that YOU are might want to try not to get the habbit going (although that's the easiest thing to do now). Her seperation anxiety will get stronger as she leads up to 12 months and older....and maybe this is part of that as well? Good luck to you all for sweet dreams!

Valeria said...

You are so right Alisha!
Todd and I both LOVE sleeping with Olivia. Nothing warms my heart more than the three of us waking up together in the morning. The only reason we do not cosleep full-time is because we have a queen bed and there is not enough room unless Todd and I shrink ourselves to opposite sides of the bed. Now she is so mobile that I am not so worried and we can snuggle more as we sleep. I have noticed that as soon as Olivia gets uncomfortable she scoots away and settles down away from me. That is fine :) This morning we decided we will just put her in bed with us and will begin shopping for a king-size bed.
Whenever she gets her own bed, it may be a struggle, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Eliska Bobeeska said...

Let me just say a King size bed makes ALL of the difference! You won't believe how much more room you have! We got our when Punkie was a few month old I think? It's AMAZING the difference. I think you are totally doing the right thing. We got ours at costco fyi - better price for a better bed than mattress world etc. Also - I wanted to tell you I started A. on codliver oil when she was 3 months old. You still would want to research, but that's what we did. Just be sure it's mecury free etc!