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Friday, May 14, 2010

Our week so far...

For some reason I feel like this week has been a busy blur. I have not enjoyed my ritualistic morning of coffee and some internet surfing for a while it seems. Monday came around and I hit the ground running! Olivia is still waking up at 4:30am every morning crying. Todd and I are stunned by how punctual she is. As soon as I hear her cry I peek at my cell phone to see the time. Usually I cannot see very well at this hour but I do know that the clock never says 4:29am or 4:31am. Always 4:30am on the dot. I feed her and then she falls asleep until about 7:00am. Yippee. I hope this is some sort of a phase but I will admit my body is so used to crazy sleep patterns.

Sometimes I wonder if perhaps the fact that Olivia is a free soul and does what she pleases is now causing this new sleep habit. We really have no routine. She eats when she wants, I bathe her when I get a chance, and she naps whenever she gets tired. If I notice her getting tired I help her fall asleep and I have noticed an increase in naps throughout the day. We are doing solids but not at the same time every day and not even every day. Maybe once a day, sometimes twice. She still prefers milk and I know that is what her body really needs now so that is fine with me. Around 8:30pm she gets tired and is out by 9:15pm (but this can vary).

The pea's antics are getting more and more fun but also more tiring. She is practically crawling, but she is very sloppy. She gets to where she wants to go but she still needs practice. My favorite thing is when she gets on all fours and starts rocking back and forth. After a minute, she gets momentum and goes faster and faster. I am not sure what it is she is doing but it sure looks funny.

Because of my daughter's newfound neediness I having been wearing her a lot more. I wear her to do laundry, fix myself lunch, or just have a chance to sit and read my e-mail. When I got my first woven wraps I was very intimidated. The first time I tried wearing her on my back, I ended up sweaty and with vomit in my hair. Now, I am pretty good at the whole wrapping thing and can truly say there is no way of wearing her that is more comfortable. Yesterday we went out with one of my best friends and Olivia hung out in the wrap. We went to lunch in Pacific Beach and I wore Olivia in a rucksack carry. I wanted a beer (yes!) so we decided to go to a restaurant/bar with a good happy hour. I loved the stares I got when I walked in with a 6 month old on my back. The pea happily sat next to me in the booth and was in a great mood. Who says you can't have fun when you're a mom?

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