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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slow down!

My beautiful Olivia Simone was a tiny noob just 7 months ago. This is such a small amount of time. How is it possible that the most important person in my life is only officially 7 months old?
But then again, in five months she will be an entire year old. I am constantly reminding myself to savor every moment of this stage, I know she will not proudly sport only 2 teeth and baby talk my ear off forever. Soon her clumsy crawls will turn into confident steps and the "dada" and "maaa" will turn into real sentences. Some parents joke about only having 18 more years of "this" but the truth is that I am in no rush for my pea to grow up. None. I will sorely miss waking up to her sweet breath in my face, or the warm fluffy diapers straight out of the dryer, and the way she explores every single corner of her tiny world. I love how splashy bath time is, or how messy lunch can be. Olivia is full of joy and wonder and the teenage years can stay far into the future where they belong.
Happy 7 months Pea :)

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Coltonsmommy09 said...

This made me tear up Val. I love the way you write, love reading your blog. I don't want my little man to grow up too fast either :(