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Monday, May 3, 2010

6 month stats and Sophie the Giraffe.

A teething toy that closely resembles a dog's chewing toy for $20? Plus tax? Call me skeptical but I really couldn't understand how a silly rubber toy could become so trendy. I mean, yeah, she's French but so what? Curiosity came over me and I found her at for less than at the baby boutiques. Sophie the Giraffe came to live at our house.
Olivia absolutely adores Sophie. In the photo above you can see that the pea brought her friend over from one side of the bed to the other. This adventure resulted in Olivia getting comfortably wedged between the bed and the wall. Thankfully, I was only a couple of inches away and after taking this photo I rescued her.
Today was Olivia's 6 month check-up and I was excited to find out how much she weighs. She has always been petite, and people often comment on this. After a while I start to question her size. What if she is too small? The nurse weighed and measured her. Fifteen pounds and 26 inches even. I have been reading about other babies her age being up to 22 pounds so I became even more curious to speak to the Pediatrician about my pea-sized pea. Dr. N assured me that Olivia's height and weight are actually perfect and that she is in no way too small. She falls into the 60th percentile in height but 25th in weight. Her estimation is that she will be about as tall as I am, which is above average. Olivia's pediatrician also stated that obesity does begin in childhood and that the idea of a chunky baby being a healthy baby is false.
An interesting observation Dr. N made is that since Olivia is so active she actually burns more calories than a sedentary baby. This makes perfect sense and I am so surprised that some cycles can begin in infancy. Perhaps I am not being too harsh when I question a mom that gives her young child soda or processed foods.
Today was also the day that we started the very selective vaccine schedule put together by Olivia's doctor and me. It makes me so happy that we have such a good understanding of each other and seem to be on the same page. Perhaps the fact that she is Harvard-educated may make more families be open to her alternative practices that do not fall into the mainstream ideals. It breaks my heart to see my baby get a needle poked into her little thigh but it ended up being okay. If I were exclusively breastfeeding I would likely have avoided all vaccines in general. At least Olivia had her mommy, Auntie Paloma, and friend Sophie to make her quickly forget.


Adriana said...

my goodness she is so perfect. I cant get over how cute she is.
I also am curious about sophie maybe ill finally order H one.
So im curious about your vacine schedule. wanna slow H's down but im not sure how to go about it?
Like what shots is she getting and when?

Valeria said...

Olivia only gets 1 shot a visit and it is very selective.
I suggest reading up on vaccines so that you are sure in your choices and educated on them. You are the parent and you get to decide what chemicals are being pumped into your child's body but your doctor will likely try to scare you into vaccinating. If you are breastfeeding, I would highly suggest reading Dr. Sears "The Vaccine Book". It is not the best vaccine book, but it is clear and comprehensive :) Good luck!

Eliska Bobeeska said...

I agree compleatly with you Valeria, we did the same thing and I think that IS the best vaccine book out there- it's very non-biased. I also LOVE Mothering Magazine and their website. We also went to a clinic with one of the Naturalpaths in our city - you may have that option there too!