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Monday, May 24, 2010

Oatmeal and milk

I am going to tell you something that may shock you.

The Pea does not like peas.
Olivia tried peas yesterday for the first time and really did not dig them. Truthfully, she only gets truly excited about oatmeal. How boring is that? We have been feeding her this one:
I am going to make it from scratch, this site is full of great homemade baby recipes. The other foods she likes are avocado and sweet potato. She also still really loves her milk. We haven't gotten on a real solids schedule yet, but maybe we should. I am not very good at strict schedules for myself so it's kind of hard to put Olivia on some sort of routine. I mean, we sort of have one, but it can vary. She is happy and thriving so I am not concerned. In this household, every day is different and there is always something going on. That is just how we flow I guess.
Sleeping is getting better. We still bring her into bed but the oatmeal for dinner idea really worked. Pea goes to bed with a full belly and doesn't wake up so hungry in the middle of the night. Sleeping through the night, however, seems to be a luxury of the past.

This is what I wake up to in the morning. I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Jessica said...

sleeping picture is beautiful, how do you do black&white?
Val, I think it's time for a little high chair or something.

Adriana said...

that pic of her is amazing. i am just this week getting H on a schedule for solids he still prefers the boob. I make peas with mint for him and he loooves it. maybe sweeten the peas up a bit?