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Friday, May 20, 2011

You have poo on your arm.

This mom job is serious business. I always knew I wanted babies. Someday. They are so cute, and smell good. Their clothes are tiny and adorable. I always loved those little snug fitted jammies and the chubby thighs of my nieces and nephews. Then, Olivia came into the world and I was thrilled. Not only was being a mama wonderful, it was pure sweetness. Pea was such a delightful infant, so happy and easy going.

As I write this Olivia is sitting watching some cartoon on Sprout, fresh out of the bath. Fifteen minutes ago she was flinging poo like a zoo monkey. Five minutes ago she was screaming like the kids I remember seeing out in public that I was so sure I would never have. Every single thing we do recently is a struggle. Have you ever tried to remove a wet toddler from the bath as she fights you to stay in the tub?

Her new found desire for independence means she insists on buckling her own car seat, refuses clothes, takes off her diaper (thus, poo flinging), wants to pee on the big toilet not the baby toilet, and so forth. I want to advocate her intelligence and free will but at the same time I need to set some boundaries. There has to be a middle ground.

Now, I am starting to realize what parenting is really all about. It's not about choosing organic and feeding boobie. Or surviving the newborn phase. Being a mom is trying to do what is best for your child and facing an opposing force. This force being your own kid. This struggle will continue throughout her entire life, and take on many forms. The rebellious child, the rebellious teen, the clueless young adult. Motherhood is not for wussies. Or the faint of heart.

Don't forget the anti-bac.


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Karina said...

i want to say so much... and can't cause im choked up and not trying to cry because of the truth and wiseness u have just written.

oj like crazy