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Sunday, May 29, 2011

38 weeks.

Today marks 38 weeks out of the 40 allotted to pregnancy. My "due date" is only two weeks away. How is it possible that seems long and short at the same time? I still haven't packed my bag because since Olivia was late I am expecting this baby to take her time, too. She is so low, head in my pelvis, and I am crampy all the time it seems. My body feels ripe and ready but I do not want to get ahead of the game. I've begun to drink raspberry leaf tea and started taking evening primrose oil in hopes that these will help my body get ready for honey's labor whenever that may be. Remember, we are avoiding a repeat cesarean. I am one pregnant busy bee, trying to fill my days with fun and enjoyable activities. Dinners with my parents, lunch with friends, and sunny days at the park with Olivia. At home I am keeping up with housework and just taking any opportunity to keep myself moving. Over the past 9.5 months I have collected the most precious little things for our bitty girl. I keep telling Todd I hope my water breaks and my labor takes off in a super dramatic way like in the movies. I'm trying to be patient.


Dear Honey,

I'll keep this brief. As I have told you before, I cannot wait to see your pretty face. I love how you react to your sister and daddy, how their touch makes you dance around in that big belly of mine. Thing is, even though my belly grew nice and round to accommodate you, you're still bigger than this space. With every turn and kick you severely hurt mama's organs and tailbone. Just keep this in mind next time you pirouette.

I will see you soon.

All of my love,


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