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Monday, May 23, 2011

Twenty Days.

My due date is exactly twenty days from today. She could come before... or after. But, let's call it twenty days. I decided to celebrate the coming of my other baby girl by cuddling in bed with the older one. When it was time for Olivia's nap we both climbed into our warm and comfy bed. Surrounded by cozy blankets and the sweet smell of her hair, I stayed in my pajamas and read even though it was 1:00pm. I have this thing where I feel like every day I need to wake up with something to do. A play date, or bleach the bathroom, or wash five loads of clothes. Today I decided to just take in my pea and her singularity. The only child. Just one tiny body curled up in the comforter, one little chest breathing up and down, one pair of arms hugging my neck as we doze off.

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