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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buenas noches luna.

Last night Olivia decided to cry/scream hysterically from the hours of 9-10pm. It was the sort of hysterics that cause a headache and your nerves feel like nails on a chalkboard with every wail. It all started because I told her it was time to go to bed after we laid together and played an animal sounds game on my iPhone. Usually she's laid back enough to just whine a little if something doesn't go her way, especially if milk and a paci are offered. Sometimes she may have a 45 second tantrum to make sure we know she's pissed. This bedtime session nightmare was of epic frustration of the monster-toddler variety. It was the kind of stuff that would make my kidless friends take a vow of celibacy. In a final act of patience I decided we needed to go for a car ride.

I like driving around our town at night. The streets are so empty, the air smells the cleanest when everything is dark and all the cars are tucked away in their garages. Beach House played on the radio and I let the floaty, dreamy music calm me and the sweet air fill my lungs. It didn't take long for Olivia to doze off and at a stoplight I looked up at the big and beautiful full moon. I felt a strong peace come over me and felt more present within myself than I had in a while. So much of my life is going to change once again. I'm always so prepared for it, my secret talent is quick adaptation. A new life is coming into mine and though I don't know exactly how everything will fall into place I know things will. They always do.

I must thank my daughter for losing her cool... If it weren't for her I wouldn't have had a chance to reflect within myself and greet such a brilliant moon.


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Adriana said...

gah! I love your blog so much. xo