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Monday, May 2, 2011

Second time mom syndrome.

I have collected a lovely collection of stuff for the baby. Sweet little onesies, cute summery rompers, adorable vintage frilly dresses, fluffy newborn diapers, and more. All of Olivia's muslin blankets she no longer uses are neatly tucked away. The boppy lounging chair we used so much is waiting in a corner for her new owner. Colorful wraps to wear her in are braided and ready to hold her safe and close to me. Teeny shoes are patiently sitting on a shelf.

I look at the bags of things I need to organize and I am so exhausted just thinking about it. The drawers I need to label and replenish, the creativity that I will need to accomplish organizing two little girls' wardrobes with limited space, and all the newborn laundry that needs washing. I want everything to be perfect for her arrival but I am drained of the energy to do it.


Baby Honey,

I promise to get everything done before you arrive. Just promise me you won't take too long to get here.

Your tired mama carrying you everywhere I go + your sister likes to catch a ride, too :)

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