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Monday, June 7, 2010

Drama Queen!

Amidst our usual Monday morning rush of feeding the baby, getting showered, and trying to down a cup of coffee as quickly as possible Todd and I found our baby girl calling out to us in her crib looking like this:
I could not believe my eyes. She was standing up in her crib looking all proud and excited! I sat her down gently and waited to see if she would do it again. Sure enough, she popped right back up and gave me another eager smile.
Then in the evening, I put her in her crib while trying to get some chores done because I did not feel like digging her out from under the desk because she keeps crawling under there to chew on cords. Pea started crying and finding her standing there with tears running down her pink face just brought the drama to a whole new level.

*Edit: Here is a photo Todd e-mailed me of Olivia under the desk. Now I understand why some parents resort to strange things like keeping their kids in playpens that always remind me of dog kennels...


Meaghan said...

There will be no stopping her now! I'm secretly glad Gabby has shown zero interest in crawling!

Karina said...

I can't believe she is standing up now! She be crazy, man!

Coltonsmommy09 said...

OMG! I know how you feel on both counts the standing in the crib and crawling where you don't want them. Colton used to put himself to sleep and then he learned to pull himself up in the crib. No more just laying him down and him putting himself to sleep, if he didn't want to sleep he would stand up and yell at you. LOL
She is adorable with her "who me"? mischevious face