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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anyone seen my baby?

Who is this kid?
I used to have a tiny baby girl who would cry but now she screams for attention and then laughs when we look surprised, she used to wait patiently for me to take her to where she wanted to go but now she just takes herself, and I could get her to cuddle all morning but now she just wants to pick my nose and yank the glasses off my face. Who is this adventurous little daredevil and where did the tiny pea go? I will admit it is really fun, and we just fall more in love with her as her silly and spunky personality starts to develop.
Her hobbies now are all about exploring. Baby toys bore her and she would much rather play with adult toys like television remotes or cell phones. She crawls under the chairs that are meant to restrain her for a second so I can eat something and she throws mini tantrums if I take something hazardous away.
The other day Todd mentioned that he loves how much she loves us. It's true! Her eyes light up when we come home and her face breaks out into a huge smile. On the rare occasion that she sleeps in her crib all night we wake up to her standing in her crib waiting for us to get up and start the new day. It seems every day there is something new she is learning and her brain is this amazing sponge that just absorbs more and more of the world around her.

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