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Thursday, June 3, 2010

"You can't do that anymore, you're a mom."

In general, I am a person that is not easily offended. I can take heat and I can dish it out, too. Nothing really shocks me and I appreciate honesty. However, there is one thing that gets my head hot and my tongue sharp. If I am venting, or expressing myself, or perhaps even picking my nose please do not tell me, "You cannot do that anymore, you are a mom." If you come over and our bed is not made and my hair is greasy, do not share your two cents on how I need to be 100% all the time because I am a mother. And if you are not a mother yourself, do not be offended if I have a quick and heavy response for you.

Sure, it's difficult to remember that we aren't perfect. Motherhood comes with natural superpowers that not only improve your reflexes but also make your heart swell and expand so much that you can patiently and lovingly hum your daughter to sleep when the pain of childbirth and breastfeeding have left you sleepless and in physical pain. It's easy to forget that mother's aren't perfect when we do not even notice that we have spit up on our shoulder or puke in our hair because we were too busy tending to a fussy child to even care because at the same moment we are also making doctor appointments, putting away laundry, and trying to figure out what the weird red spot on her arm is. If you ever stop and truly think of the staggering reality of all that creating life entails it's enough to make you want to run under a rock and hide.

So, if you catch me quietly whisper a four-letter word or want judge me over an extra glass of wine, please remember that I'm not my own boss anymore.

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