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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sushi Night

Yesterday as I drove home from a beach baby playdate (pics of that to come) I received a call from one of our best friends just as I was thinking I felt like going out with Todd for a couple of hours and enjoying some adult time. I was so stoked he was visiting for a couple of days and we all agreed to meet up and hang out. My sister babysat the little monster and off we went. Before meeting at Sushi Deli, we went to Best Buy to check out the new iPhone. I see that amazing technological device in my near future, but sadly we walked out empty handed.
Sushi Deli has been our go-to cheap sushi and Japanese beer spot for a while, and it was awesome that the three of us did not have to wait an hour for a table as usual. Jon moved to San Francisco from San Diego soon after Todd and I did and he is still there, living in a perfect building and thoroughly enjoying the city life. It's great to see him, and interesting to see where our conversations go especially now that our lives are SO different.
At some point he said to me, "You're definitely all about Olivia now." My first instinct was to deny it. Deny it in the sense of, "No I'm not! I am still my own person, a strong woman with ideas and intellect!" But then after thinking about it for a second, I realized it's true. I am ALL about Olivia now. All of my life is about her and that is how it should be! That is motherhood, something so huge and consuming there is no way you could realize its depth unless you experience it for yourself. I'm sure he meant is as a compliment :)
It's always eye-opening to get together with old friends, especially the unmarried and childless ones. I get a tiny taste of the former life, of the selfish life, and I almost miss it. The complete freedom and ability to come and go as you please. The paychecks to burn through, the weekend getaways, the TIME. And the other side of it is that perhaps those single, childless friends are still searching for their niche and their purpose. Maybe, just maybe, they get a little taste of our simple life, our happy little family, and see for themselves just how sweet it really is.

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