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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He put a ring on it.

Well, before I go into the fun that was my Pea during our weekend away (9 hour drive and all) I must first start with the bigger news. Todd and I are now officially engaged! I mean, I am over the moon to have this pretty little ring on my unmanicured finger and I love what it symbolizes, but the truth is that my heart has been married to his for quite some time now. He popped the question as we sat in Dolores Park on the most perfectly bright and sunny day. We sat in the park that holds so many memories, people watching and enjoying the lovely view of the city skyline. There were smiles and jokes and it was just exactly what it should have been. I kept telling Todd that it felt like Christmas. I have shared my bed and even my toothbrush with this man, we have been family and best friends for nearly three years, but now a legally binding document will say so. I dig that.
Having our sweet little girl with us was just the ultimate cherry on top. We enjoyed each other so much during those four days, just doing what we felt like doing and taking a break from the routines of daily life. Olivia did wonderfully on the drive up and also the drive back down to San Diego. I did have to sit in the backseat with her to keep her happy and entertained. She would take frequent naps and then wake up thrilled to see me sitting right next to her time and time again. We would have stretch/diaper change/snack breaks every couple of hours and there were no mishaps. The scenic 101 highway was a lovely distraction especially since the dumb iPod adapter decided to stop working. Wearing Pea in the wraps was the ultimate convenience and she was delighted to take in so many new sights and sounds. We had breakfast at delicious neighborhood restaurants, rode the MUNI bus, shopped downtown, met up with old friends, and even drove next to our former apartment building.
Olivia has been having more bits and tastes of some table foods and she LOVES it. One of the nights we were there we had dinner with friends at a DELICIOUS vegan restaurant where all of the produce comes from a local organic farm. I let Pea try bites of my dish (she was trying to steal some anyway) and she devoured it. She truly does not care for pureed foods and since food allergies seem to not be a problem for us I feel comfortable letting her feed herself and hopefully adapt a taste for a wide variety of foods like her daddy and I.
On our last night we met up with a truly kind and wonderful friend of ours and she treated us to a delicious Chinese dinner. This also happened to be just a few hours after we got engaged and our cookie fortunes could not have been more fitting. Pardon the crappy phone picture, but don't you agree?
And here are some more photos just for fun!


Jess Craig said...

he must of liked it, because he put a ring on it.

oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhoh oh oh oh oh oh.

Jenni said...

AHHH, she's so huge!!! and her personality is really shining through now. I'm so happy for you!!

She sounds like Rowen with no purees! We also have that mushroom shirt!!

Congrats again on getting married!!!

Adriana said...

yay!!!!!!!! congrats!!! whoot whoot!

Eliska Bobeeska said...

Congratulations to you three!!! I'm so happy for you all. It looks like you had a perfect beautiful sunny weekend in SF - how fun! It really is like a fairy tale!

Amy said...

Olivia is so damn cute.

I want to cut her eyes and paste them on Anna. (In a less "I'm creepy and want to remove your kid's eyes" way and more in a "omg her eyes are awesome" way.)

Loving the ring. Understated is the new 5 carat rock.

Jessica said...

Yes I love the ring too. Makes me want one. Congratulations. I'm so happy for your little family. Good job Todd!