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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How do you describe a craving?

I don't think I've had as many craving as some other women do. I usually just want to eat well and don't really crave anything weird or any one thing in particular. Once in a while I will get one, like right now for example. Right now I would sell my soul for In & Out. I would beg. The intensity of the cravings is not normal. It's not like a period craving or anything like that. It's not just mental, it's physical. Even though I am hungry I only want to eat that. I know that if I eat this, I will be SO happy. It's appalling. I don't blame people if they don't understand. Yes, I brought a lunch to work. No, I do not want it.

*update: todd came through heroically like always. my knight atop a vintage vespa :)

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