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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Changes this week

Hi everyone. I miss you.

There are quite a few changes going as my pregnancy progresses. In the beginning, I was very sick. No energy, many food aversions, and just an overall weighed down feeling. Now, I have a normal amount of energy and if it weren't for my big boobs and blossoming belly I would forget I am pregnant sometimes. Somehow I'm still stuffing myself in my normal clothes. Well, most of them. Here are a few changes:

*my appetite is very, very good lately
*my skin feels dry and like it is stretching. I have been using many oils and lotions to protect it.
*I wake up in an abnormally good mood... right, Todd? :P
*very strange dreams... I always dream of a little girl?
*it's kind of gross but you can see my veins through my skin because of increased circulation to make enough oxygen for me to share with the baby... or well, for the baby to share with me.
*did I already mention my hearty appetite?

Here we are at 5 months today:


Leann said...

I want to see you grow and grow! Should I bring some In n out in my suit case for you?

Todd said...

I think you meant to say annoyingly good mood :-)