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Monday, May 18, 2009

High-tech Baby Gear

The boutique where I work is in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, which is also the most expensive area to own a home in the city. Most of my clients are young, thin, and pretty moms with perfect cherub babies with golden curls. I have always noticed that this group of women NEVER sports your average stroller. Some of them are so streamlined, I feel they are almost unsafe. Others look like space ships. This one is my favorite. It's pricey, it's stylist, and it's great for a tall mom. Also, it keeps babies away from over-eager dog licks. Grandma? ;-) I suppose the price isn't SO bad if it would last for a couple years, but this one seems to be strictly for the infant months.

Stokke Xplory Stroller
(of course it comes in all sorts of colors.)


1 comment:

Todd said...

I'm tellin ya foo. I'm making you a freakin stroller outta bamboo. it's going to be awesome