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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The new nugget.

I am sorry for keeping you in suspense. Right now we do not know much about this new little creature growing in my tummy, other than he/she did not give me morning sickness as badly as Pea and he/she has given me an awesome pair of boobies! My due date is June 12, 2011. I am going to avoid another c-section as much as I can and thankfully I have found a supportive midwife. I would love to birth at home but currently I am not sure if this is what will happen. All I know is that this summer there will be another sweet and precious breastfed, cloth diapered, and super loved baby in the world!

This will be our last baby and I would really like to keep the gender of the baby a surprise until she/he is born. This will be SO hard but I am going to try. Don't you think it will be so worth it? What a tremendous surprise it will be to hear "It's a BOY!" or "It's a GIRL!"

Here we go again :)
image via: my dearest Sarita @ Where's My Other Shoe?


Adriana said...

i am totally waiting for the next one. i just really want that surprise!!! moment. its a lesson in patience tho i mean i dunno if i could actually wait. its a lovely thought tho.
also, i had a dream i was fighting zombies last night and i was in some sort of old school and you were there killing zombies! i just reached stalker status since im dreaming about you lol.

Radiant said...

I am so happy I was able to speak with you Pea and Pea2 last night on facetime! I am so buying that phone so I can see you lovely ladies more often. :)