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Friday, November 5, 2010


Motherhood has opened up the depths of my human instinct and directed me to going back to the basics. To parent as if I were living in a small village thousands of years ago without Pampers, Petunia Picklebottom, or Bugaboo. Sure, the baby gear is nice but my intuition makes me to want to keep my baby close to my skin, nursing her, and nurturing naturally and based on instinctual mothering not baby books.

Now that Olivia is growing that primal feeling remains and I find myself dreaming of a small farm where Todd can build our home. A chicken coop, clotheslines with cloth diapers drying in the wind, perhaps a cow or a pig, and of course an organic garden. I want my children to love and appreciate nature, to see and respect where their food comes from, and find joy in the essentials of life.

I've worked in the sales/fashion industry for a while and though I'm a style enthusiast at heart and can appreciate the finer (see: too expensive, not in my budget) things in life I want to shed some of those materialistic tendencies. At this point I'd happily trade in the heels for some gardening boots and my beloved Chanel foundation for rosy cheeks from being out in the sun all day, reading and making mudpies with my Pea.
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Adriana said...

i totally hear ya! I would love to runaway to a farm somewhere and just raise lots of babies.