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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mini food connoisseur?

If I remember correctly, when I was preggers with Pea I did not have many crazy cravings. I think in the beginning it was pizza. And then toward the end it was Mexican food from Lolita's. Well, in the very beginning I could not eat anything at all.
This time around, the cravings are starting to kick in and they are very specific... and extraordinary. I think this bean may be a tiny foodie. I am craving serious dishes, upscale cuisine. I am talking macaroni and cheese with truffles, comté cheese, and pancetta or a yummy lobster strudel. Even some warm scallops in saffron sauce with angel hair or a warm mascarpone mushroom torte. Drool. Hopefully someone I know will take me on a dinner date soon...
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Radiant said...

I keep forgetting because you aren't sending me the pictures every week Val! YOUR PREGO!!! WooHoo

Jessica said...

Val - I don't think I know what you just wrote. All of that talk is way above me!
Maybe since this one is different that means it's a boy!