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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Even as a little girl I have taken an interest in fashion. I'd sneak into my mother's closet and put on her fabulous high-heels and colorful jewelery. As I grew up, there was nothing funner than going to the kid's section at Nordstrom and going back to school shopping or getting a new fall coat. Of course, my style has evolved over the years and some style choices I have made in the past have been nothing short of BAD. However, to me clothing has always been a form of expression.

Currently at 11 weeks pregnant with my second kid my stomach is already no longer flat. This stage is super annoying because I am nowhere near maternity clothing shape but my regular jeans and fitted tops just do not feel/look right. I have been in a style funk and hate everything in my wardrobe. Yesterday I decided that it'd be a fun idea to start a new series of posts called "Always Say No To Mom Jeans". I am always so inspired by other mamas who continue being style conscious while also toting around their bebes. Motherhood is just one HUGE aspect of our identity, but it's important to stay true to our creativity and intellect.

So, post #1. The husband took this photo of me yesterday during our walk.
Dress: H&M (I bought it at the flagship store in Sweden!)
Cardigan: Target (SO soft, I need more).
Scarf: Vintage, stolen from my mum.
Boots: Target, super steal at $50! Genuine leather, too!
Ring on right hand: Forever 21

.... and one of the Pea yesterday just because!

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