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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A tiny rant.

Though my blog is about happy things, I do find it necessary to write something that has been weighing on my mind lately. I am very tired of mothers calling other mothers names and labeling them as BAD mothers. The judgments, rude comments, and criticizing really bother me for a variety of reasons. I am not innocent, I have surely judged in my mind when I see a mom buying junk food for her kids at the grocery store or an infant seat dangerously perched atop a shopping cart. Naturally, it is even worse online. Blogging mothers excusing themselves for starting solids before six months or leaving kids with a sitter for a night to themselves and people being torn apart and vilified on e-communities. Why do we have to make excuses to avoid being flamed? Is it really necessary to question ourselves because other people may not agree? It comes down to the raw fact that every family and child is different and who are we to question it?! If we cannot be each other's strength as mothers and as women who else can we expect it from? Comments and advice are encouraged and welcome, we have so much to learn from each other! We can educate and spread our wealth of information! But please, be kind and thoughtful. Aren't these the lessons we want to teach our children? I apologize for ranting, but this is how I feel. The choices I make for my daughter are best suited for us, and I applaud any mother for doing what is best for her family. We have no place to point fingers and slap on labels. We are all good mothers, we all love our kids, and calling people out DOES NOT make you better. Whew.

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Sarah said...

I agree with you - and I know the community you are referring to... I stopped going to that site regularly because there is too much judgment. Each and every one of us do SOMETHING that is probably not recommended or popular, but if our children are alive and well, we really should leave others alone!

The Garlick's said...

wow, totally agree. Now I feel stupid for blogging about starting solids before the 6 month mark. =)